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Wild Hearted Words
#BeWildlyWealthy Mini-Mastermind
Discover the exact steps I took to manifesting a six-figure salary in one month.
Let's go from fear & scarcity to attracting abundance with ease!
Does this sound like you?
"I'm working so damn hard, but not seeing the results I want to — in my life or in my bank account. I keep accruing debt from signing up for course after course & coach after coach, but somehow, it's still not making a difference. 
I KNOW I'm so close to breaking through... so what's holding me back from the success I know I'm destined for?"
  • The next time you thought about money, you felt a vibe of real freedom, ease & potential?
  •  If suddenly, you began manifesting greater than ever before?
  •  If you reached a flow state, where the Universe rushes to meet you in ways you never imagined?
This 7-day #BeWildlyWealthy Mini-Mastermind Is For You!
I went from stay-at-home mama to manifesting clients that paid me over $10,000/month in 30 days.
Then, I created a full-time opportunity that paid me $116,000/year.
Diving more into this practice, I recently attracted over $9,500 into my bank account in one day — that same afternoon, my husband brought in $2,120!

I'm not a guru here to give you all the answers. I'm going through this practice with you, because upleving is a perpetual practice! I'm here to empower YOU to discover your innate DIVINE POWER to achieve all the things you want and desire, because that way, you'll ALWAYS have the ability to define your own definition of happy, the power will always be in YOUR hands, and you will always have the freedom to #BeWildlyYou! 

We'll be working TOGETHER as a high-vibe TRIBE to achieve our dream lives as inspiring Wild Hearts! 

Here's how the mini-mastermind works:

1) After signing up & making payment, you'll be added to a private & exclusive Wild Hearted Words Coaching Facebook group. This group is different than the 600+ member group you may already be a part of.

2) Every day, you'll get an email filled with insights, prompts, and intuitive support for you to engage with in the group. 
The more active you are, the better your results!

3) I'll show up in two daily livestream coaching sessions for 7 days:
Once in the morning for teaching; again in the in the evening to provide personalized feedback for everyone!

4) Get support from your fellow Wild Hearts FB Tribe AND receive customized input from me. 
Join live to ask your questions in real-time and receive direct coaching from me, or ask your questions in the group in advance, so I can address them during the livestream!

  •  100% Happy Guarantee: While I'm not guaranteeing monetary results, I AM all about your loving the experience of working together, so if you show up whole-heartedly, show me you've done all the work in this mini-mastermind, and still aren't totally satisfied, then we'll absolutely make it right!
 In this Amazing #BeWildyWealthy Week, You'll:
  •  Join a High Vibe Tribe: Transform your personal narratives in a sacred space with women experiencing exactly what you're going through and who believe in #communityovercompetition.
  •  Become A Powerful Bad-Ass: You're going to learn how to let other people be accountable for their actions and take full responsibility of what's happened, so you can boldly step into personal freedom.
  • Up Your Vibe to Feel Confident About Money: You'll step into more than owning your money story and what you believe about abundance — you're going to rock a WEALTH MINDSET like never before.
  •  Claim Your FEEL GOOD Birthright: Wild Heart, you deserve to feel good. It's your birthright. And, you'll learn how to stand into this space every single frickin' day.
This Mini-Mastermind is right for you if:

* You have debt you want to release.
* You're ready to create a WEALTH MINDSET for you & your family.
* You want to be a badass at owning your money power.
* You're open to a new way of thinking, being, and doing.
The #BeWildlyWealthy Mini-Mastermind 
Starts Mon, May 7th
This Is Your Chance To Transform Your Money Mindset and Uplevel Your Life
Once the workshop starts, you won't be able to sign up anymore!
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